Now, more than ever, it is important that we remember that we are never alone and that we have access to a mighty force in the guise of angels, sent from God to guide, protect and care for us. 


There are no limits to angel’s capabilities to work in every aspect of your life, from healing relationships, career challenges, finances and health concerns. To experience this incredible force all you have to do is ask! The law of free will prevents the angels from intervening in our lives without our permission to do so.


I have developed a strong connection with angels since childhood. In my book I Am NOT a Dirty Bitch I refer to the role the angels played in my healing journey. I believe that we are all blessed with two guardian angels who are always on hand.


I also believe in human angels ,the people in our lives who turn up at the right time and who go the extra mile to assist and support others. I am sure you can all think of such people who have had an influence on your life. 


I was reminded of the ever present nature  of angels whilst wrapping Christmas gifts.  I recycle bottle bags for gifts and when I looked into one of the bags, I discovered two little wooden magnetic angels that I had completely failed to see last year. It made me reflect and acknowledge that so many times angels are present, and I fail to recognise them. 


There are several ways that angels try to communicate with us and draw close to us. I feel the presence of angels when I see white feathers, or clouds that clearly outline the form of an angel and photographs that show round balls of coloured lights known as orbs, to name just a few.


I also believe that both pets and babies are able to see angels as they have not been exposed to filters, which block our ability to clearly see angels. Have you ever observed a baby looking directly at a blank space and getting excited, yet they appear to be staring at nothing! 


A few years ago, when my Granddaughter was only two years old, she announced to both myself and her mummy that my daughters guardian angel was called Layla. It was a Saturday, we were in the car going to a shopping mall. My daughter had been for an angel reading and we were discussing how she wished she had asked the angel reader what her guardian angel was called. With no prompting my granddaughter said Layla.


We later went into Costa Coffee, my grandaughter was in a highchair near the window, and she suddenly started to wave at something outside. We asked her who she was waving at and yes, you guessed it, she said Layla she wants me to go and play. I have asked her now a mature nine years old about the incident, but she has no recollection of the event. Thankfully  my daughter can verify what took place.


I also believe that my four-legged friend Dougall sees angels. He often stares high into thin air and moves his head as if he is watching something that’s moving. 


Angels are being of light who reside in a higher dimension and resonate at higher frequencies. You can access Angels by  simply asking for their assistance and guidance. By sending out a request or a plea for help they will always draw close to you. If you encounter a serious problem or just a little help with minor concerns, all you need to do is ask for a sign or set them a challenge by giving them a situation where you need their assistance.


Angel Request For Assistance 


Thank you, Angels for my many blessings, which include the things I take for granted, along with all the things that bring me so much happiness and contentment.


Thank you for the way you have guided and supported me in the past the present and will continue to do in the future.


Please help me to recognise your presence in my life by sending me specific signs, which help me acknowledge your love and support on my life’s path.


So may it be 



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