During a recent radio interview Joanna Lumley said “The one thing that will be remembered more than anything else during this challenging time, is the kindness of others to help those in most need”. There are thousands upon thousands of good Samaritans who are destroying the believed norm that we live in I am alright Jack, Society. 

I was saddened  to learn that someone I knew had died of the virus last week. It is thought he had contracted the virus through taking people to hospital for their appointments. His light has shone over the years as he worked endlessly for the good of others. He certainly lived up to the motto of the Rotary organization he was a part of, Service above Self.   

Looking back on my childhood I can remember the kindness of others who were my role models:

Mrs. B. who brought my lunch everyday whilst I worked for her in the chemist shop, a Guide Leader who gave me a second hand guide uniform, a schoolteacher, that passed me for doing gymnastics for my guide badge, when I really didn’t deserve to pass.

The world is full of human angels who always go the extra mile for others. At the time they would not have realised how much their acts of kindness meant, and how it enabled me to survive. They were the shining lights, whose kindness gave hope and encouragement. When you are raised in a dysfunctional family unit, our basic needs are often unmet and so acts of kindness given by others are so much more appreciated and meaningful. I am sure there are individuals from your childhood that supported and nurtured you.

 One of my role models is Mother Teresa who lived a sacrificial life in the slums of Calcutta in India working with the lepers. One of her famous quotes is so relevant right now. 

No act of kindness however small is ever wasted.

It can be as small as smiling at others as we walk pass them, contacting friends and neighbours, dropping a small gift on the door step of someone who is living alone or elderly. It is something we can all do. Just one small act a day will put light into what for many is a very dark and frightening time.

Learn more about how doing acts of kindness that are not only beneficial to the receiver but also to the giver. The LIGAT Program involves daily acts of kindness to both others and you.