Recently, I have heard several people refer to themselves as being in a dark place and I have also heard both adults and children say that they are fearful about leaving their home and see home as a place of safety.

Coming from a dysfunctional family my home was a place which offered the opposite of safety and from a very early age my coping strategy was to be invisible as much as possible by spending as much time outside the family home, either in a local park or walking the streets.

I use to go and stand on a bridge over the railway and wish I could be on the train. I never really had a destination in mind, just anywhere to escape.

In my book I Am NOT a Dirty Bitch I talk about a dark place, which now thankfully I don’t visit very often. I call this place my hellish hole, a place associated with sadness.

We can all have dark places which we associate with unpleasant experiences related to the past and the antidote for not spending time in the dark place is to take your mind with all its negative feelings to a happier place.

For me, Dougall is one of my antidotes as he takes me to a happier place by making me feel wanted and loved, which links to my inner child. Dougall will sit at the door waiting for me to return if I go out, he follows me around the house, he sits and paws me, and stares at me if he wants something.

Dougall also has a special place where he will go if he has been in trouble and wants to be invisible.

Your mind cannot hold negative and positive feelings at the same time. If every time a negative feeling comes over you which is associated with the past then replace it with a positive feeling. It takes 66 days for anything to become a habit so break the habit of dwelling on dark places in your mind. Don’t do a Dougall by hiding under the bed and thinking you are invisible.

Take steps today to start making your world a happier place.

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