We are all living in unprecedented times with the fabric of our lives eroding away with the onslaught of Covid 19 which I view as both a giver and taker.

Covid 19  is taking lives and causing immense suffering, tearing lives apart and restricting our freedom in relation to work and pleasure as we are forced to adhere to strict Government legislation which forces us to stay at home and reduce social contact with others.

They do say though that every cloud has a silver lining  and Covid 19 has given us the precious gift of time, the one thing that we have always had too little of.

We live in a world where we are constantly trying to beat a clock, where we are lured by time saving devices and never have time to stop and recharge our batteries, until we go on holiday and even then it takes days to actually switch off from the demands of work.

It is said that many victims of a traumatic childhood are workaholics who constantly keep themselves busy in an attempt to block out painful childhood memories, never questioning the possibility that their childhood is still having an impact on their belief system.

ACE, an American study into Adverse Childhood Experiences, has identified  a number of links between victims of child abuse and health and behaviour traits including suicide and eating problems. During initial appointments, I am surprised at the number of clients who are experiencing long term health problems and also had an unhappy childhood, confirming my belief that our childhood can be the root cause of physical, mental and emotional health.


Could your childhood be related to any health issues your are experiencing?

If the answer is yes, then please make a commitment to work on yourself and discover any barriers that are preventing you from having the life you want.

If you want to learn how to invest your time in discovering your true self along with ways to enrich your life despite the challenging times we are encountering, please contact me by email and I will be happy to help you take the first steps.