Introduction to Blog

Whilst I was so pleased with the visual content of my website there was a feeling of disappointment as I read its contents, it just didn’t reflect my inner awareness call it my inner knowing.

I knew the reason why but an old familiar behaviour trait had resurfaced telling me that if I promoted spiritual healing it would offend too many people so far better to avoid challenges with the intention of helping others exit the shame game.

This had been reinforced by being told by more than one person who whilst suggesting that I wrote my autobiography emphasised that I made no mention of the spiritual dimension for fear that it would be rejected by potential readers.

This dilemma had been present throughout the writing of I am NOT a Dirty Bitch. Those of you who have read the book will know that it is only in the Afterword following the conclusion that I make direct reference to the spiritual realm although many of the therapies I used on my healing journey were linked to a higher source.

So where am I going with this?

In a nutshell if you cannot accept that you need the help of a higher source to enable you to escape the shame game my blogs will of no value to you. For in sharing my journey, formulating a healing program and through Life Coaching the spiritual dimension was paramount in enabling to make drastic changes in my life and to be able to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

For those of you who cannot acknowledge that there is a higher source I wish you well on your journey. Please explore ways of receiving help and guidance with the aim of enabling you to leave the shame game. You don?t have to be chained to the past you hold the key to freedom from the past you just have to open the prison door and escape.

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