Bon Camino or Good Path 


Whilst looking for a document in the loft, I accidently knocked over a box which contained all the information relating to the Camino De Santiago known as the pilgrim walk. 


El Camino De Santiago is a pilgrimage that began when (supposedly) the remains of James , the disciple of Jesus, were found. Since that time millions of people have journeyed through Spain to reach the Cathedral in Santiago where St. James’ remains are buried.


The box contained really happy memories for me as I did a section of the walk in September 2018 over a period of ten days with a good friend and It was one of the most amazing things I have ever undertaken. 


 We walked on average 16 miles a day through some of the most beautiful countryside in areas which are steeped in traditions , one of which is to place a stone at a famous landmark known as CRUTZ de FERRO or Iron Cross. 


Crutz de Ferro  is surrounded by thousands of stones, pebbles, and crystals. Each stone has been carried by a pilgrim from his or her home town and  has a unique story which symbolizes something different to each carrier.


I had taken with me a pink rose quartz crystal, which I placed on one of the ledges. A few weeks previous I had learnt that one of my dearest friends had been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. I left the stone on her behalf to assist her in letting go of the fear of cancer and to give her both protection from the negative energy, along with an influx of hope and positivity for the future.


As the ritual was originally associated with releasing burdens and leaving them behind. I placed another stone with the intent of leaving behind the shame and guilt associated with my childhood. 

In the LIGAT program there is opportunity to carry out the ritual of letting go of past mistakes, trauma and grief using the principles of the stone laying ritual.


If you were to visit the Cruz De Ferro, what would your rock symbolize?


 What is it that you need to let go off and leave at the foot of the cross?