Social Media is buzzing with so many heartwarming stories, where ordinary people have done amazing acts of kindness to assist others. 


Wouldn’t it be good if we adopted this caring and sharing attitude in the months and years to come? 


The Law of Attraction has been a philosophy I have followed for many years and have seen the results in both my own life along with family and friends. The Law of Attraction is explained in more detail in my book I am NOT a Dirty Bitch but in a nutshell, the Law of Attraction believes that  a person’s thoughts attract objects, people, situations and circumstances, both positive and negative into your life.


Last week, my husband and I were the victims of what I can only describe as a road rage incident which resulted in a man spitting into my husbands face.

As the severity of the incident hit home especially with COVID 19 being transmitted through bodily fluids, I had to make a conscious decision to Hate the sin but love the sinner.


 I wondered what made this man do such a disgusting thing. Was he hurting? Was he grieving? Had he dementia?  I then thought of his family. What role model did he present? I wondered if he clapped the NHS on a Thursday night? 


The police are now involved and we have now began an  insurance claim for our car. 


So why am I sharing this with you? 


To draw your attention to the fact that negativity attracts negativity.  It is a conscious choice as to how we react to situations that life throws at you.


I have peace with the whole situation through not engaging in negative thoughts such as fear, and revenge. I have put the Law of Attraction into action by letting go of all negative thoughts and feelings that surround the incident. Just like I have learnt to do on many more occasions during my healing journey. 


My previous reaction would have played out as a victim, with thoughts like; Why me? It always happens to me. What did I do wrong to cause this?  


I have a question for you: how would you react in a similar situation? 


If anything I have said resonates with you it may be an incentive to learn more about the Law of Attraction, a powerful tool for living a more happy fulfilling life. 


To learn more please contact me or purchase my book available direct from me or on Amazon. It may also be the time to start to work on yourself and address some of the issues that prevent you from living a happy fulfilled life.


Remember however difficult life gets we all have something that can never be taken away from us CHOICE!!!! Choose wisely!!!!

‘With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or  an obstacle to keep you from growing.’ Wayne Dyer