One of the things that I will associate with lockdown is the gift of gratitude. I have become so much more aware of the little everyday blessings that I take for granted. 


Each night before I go to sleep I always go through the day and ask myself three questions. Below are the answers I gave on Friday the 12th June 


1.What has been the best thing about today?


When I was out walking early this morning with Dougall my four legged friend and the heavens opened and we both got drenched. It felt so good and refreshing and because I wasn’t worried about time it didn’t matter that my hair was ruined and I looked like a drowned rat, it made me laugh so much when I looked in the mirror when I got home.  


  1. What have l learnt about today? 


That I can make ginger nuts without using lard, as the recipe stated. My Grandma made delicious ginger nuts. The recipe used lard, something I don’t use. I replaced it with margarine and they were just as good. 


  1. What am I most grateful for today?


That I have my health and strength as health is my wealth. Something we take so much for granted. Several people I know are struggling with major health issues at the moment. 


This ritual began on the 2nd April 2012, when I started working on a 28 days gratitude project called The Magic written by Rhonda Byrnes the author of The Secret. The secret essentially focuses on using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams and desires. 


The easiest way to use the secret is gratitude it is one of the most powerful emotions you can use in your life to bring about abundance.


During the 28 days you set time a side each day to write down ten things you are grateful for and the reason why you are grateful.


Excerpt from my Magic Journal that I completed on the 10th April 2012 

Another way to use gratitude is to name as many things that you are truly grateful for. It’s a powerful remedy for insomnia and makes it more interesting to focus on being grateful than sheep! AND you don’t have to clean up the sheep droppings in the morning!!!!!  (Sorry couldn’t resist it)