There is no longer any difference between a Monday and Friday.

Everyday follows a similar routine and weekends are just another day at the office. TGI Friday no longer carries the feel good factor, as everyday can be a Friday. 

Days do have feelings and so do we, but so often we are not in touch with our feelings.

How do you feel right now?”

It is much easier to say I’m fine but do we always feel fine? We can all feel physical pain and acknowledge it, but do we feel emotional pain? Or do we feel nothing? Are you emotionally shut down like I used to be? You feel nothing you just exist.  

The way to reveal your true self is to connect with your feelings. This is often not an easy thing for adults who have experienced a challenging childhood, as we have learnt how to deny our true feelings in an attempt to survive and conform to the demands of our complex environment.

Our basic emotions such as laughing, crying, anger and joy are not naturally exhibited. We have learnt to restrain our natural response, which comes at a great price. It is through our feelings ,that are expressed as emotion ,that we connect to our true self.

Throughout the day check in to your feelings.

Make a conscious effort to ask yourself in the morning before you get out of bed “How do I feel today?” The philosophy underpinning this is whatever you are feeling is exactly what you will bring in to your life that day. 

If you wake up in the morning feeling irritable and despondent, you will encounter issues throughout the day that will keep you in that state of mind.

This is the philosophy of the Law of Attraction, which was an important tool I used on my healing journey.  The definition of The Law of Attraction is I attract to my life whatever I give my attention to, whether positive or negative

A very easy activity that you can do daily to give you a positive good feeling is to be grateful. Before you go to bed each night, think of all the things you are grateful for, family members, pets, friends, your job, your health and the health of your loved ones etc. They will produce positive thoughts and positive thoughts produce positive feelings. 

From the list below select the feelings that feel familiar to you the ones that you experience the most:

Negative Feelings 

Hurt, disappointment, loneliness ,sadness ,confusion,stress, anger ,bitterness.

Positive Feelings 

Affection, love, joy, abundance, gratitude ,confidence ,comfort ,secure.

You can change your feelings by changing your thoughts.

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