Just the thought of visiting a garden centre made me feel excited after only making essential car rides to the local shops during lockdown. However, once  we arrived at the garden centre we joined the end of a queue of at least twenty cars waiting for a car parking space .

There were clear yellow markers showing a one way system but not many drivers willing to follow it.

 Inside the garden centre was no better and people were stuck in narrow lanes between the plants arguing about who should reverse out the way.

I was reminded how the same chaos is evident when our own bodies energy system is not flowing through the meridians and chakras.

When our energy system is unbalanced our bodies become congested like the narrow aisles at the garden centre and this results in physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

“Your body is designed to heal itself “- Donna Eden

I truly believe that healing my mind and body by using Energy Medicine has been an essential part of my healing journey since I attended a workshop by Donna Eden.

Every day I carry out specific energy workouts to rebalance my chakras, diffuse negativity and allow my own bodies healing energy to flow.

Donna Eden describes these painful destructive memories as land mines that are left in the ground after a war, which needs to be diffused.

Try this exercise which will mobilise energy and open you up to letting go of stored negative energy that is programmed in your mind.

Defusing Traumatic Residue

  1. Select a memory from the past that is painful to you or has an emotional grip on you.
  2. Place your fingers of both hands in the middle of your forehead and your thumbs at your temples next to your eyes. Keep your thumbs still. Stretch the skin of your forehead using your fingers and bring them to meet your thumbs.
  3. Bring your fingers back to the neurovascular point on your forehead and rest. To find the neurovascular points find the two bumps on your forehead directly above your eyes.
  4. Do this for at least two minutes. Breathe deeply throughout in through your nose and out from your mouth.
  5. You can visualize the memory but if it proves too difficult, simply repeat an affirmation “I consciously release this negative destructive memory, Let it go,Let it Flow. 


Learn more about energy medicine at www.edenmethod.com or check out my book and discover how energy medicine was an essential part of my healing journey.