There is so much negativity around in the world these days, it makes it difficult to surround yourself  with positive thoughts, and we’re in real danger of missing the everyday miracles that are happening all around us.

Miracles are not necessarily life changing, breathtaking experiences ,they can be as subtle as noticing miracles in nature such as a beautiful sunset, squirrels busy gathering nuts preparing for the winter months, or an unexpected gift of flowers from a friend. 

If you can change your mindset, you can expect to see mini miracles every day.

I have started to deliberately avoid listening to the news especially before I go to bed and have instead started a nighttime ritual of acknowledging five mini miracles that happened that day .

Here’s an excerpt from my notebook last week:


Wednesday 7th October 2020

Robin a premature baby leaves hospital

A close friend got positive results from hospital tests

I received a beautiful bunch of sunflowers 

My new wellington boots kept my feet warm and dry

Despite the challenging weather I witnessed a beautiful sunset.


What would you write down for your five mini miracles?


Aim to be alert to the wonders in everyday situations and adopt the right mindset to notice them, and I guarantee you will begin to see them often.


“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug”

Patricia Neal