Have you come across the term grounding? 

It is a term I previously associated with keeping myself centered especially when working with therapies such as Reiki. Grounding also means that you are present in your body and connected with the earth.  When you are grounded you allow yourself to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you. Not being grounded is like being a leaf in the wind being vulnerable to outside force and thrown off balance.

Quite recently I have discovered that grounding is also referred to as Earthing, which means direct contact with the Earth’s surface electrons. 

This can be accomplished by simply walking barefoot outside on the earth allowing connection to the earth’s energetic field directly into the body. Research suggests that grounding or earthing by walking barefoot outside on the earth or a beach promotes your overall health by:

Neutralizing free radicals that are generated through inflammation, infection, stress along with our toxic external and internal environment.

Improving  sleep 

Assisting in pain management and promoting the immune system.

Not being able to work during lock down along with the beautiful weather has meant I have spent more time in the garden barefoot. This has proved to be one of the therapies that produced instant results and I immediately felt Calmed, Nurtured and Uplifted




Take off your socks and shoes and stand on the earth ( either grass, sand or soil.)

Stand in one place, walk or lay down. You need to establish an electrical circuit, with two points of contact. One foot alone on the earth won’t ground you, but both feet will. If you are lying down or sitting down use two connecting points to form a circuit by placing  elbows or the palm of your hands and your foot on the ground.

Stay barefoot on the earth for at least twenty minutes, twice a day. 


My dog Dougall, the same as most dogs grounds himself regularly by rolling on his back from side to side. It would seem our furry friends are masters in Grounding. 

So what are you waiting for???? Take them socks and shoes off and get out there. 

Its free!!!!  don’t be misguided by the simplicity of grounding .

Try it, you will be amazed how quickly you will tap into mother natures free gift.

For my free guide on more grounding techniques and how to use them, please contact me on www.lynnebee@me.com