“A wise old man told me one time 

Happiness is a frame of mind 

When you go to measuring my success

Don’t count my money count my happiness.”


There is no time like the present to take stock and ask yourself the important question: what makes you happy?


 For some it might be their annual holiday or eating out with friends and family or socializing with friends, maybe going to a sports event.


It can seem that happiness has been in short supply during 2020 and we ask ourselves how can we be happy when the mass media continually gives us the worst case scenario predicting that we are about to enter a second lockdown and that Christmas may  have to be celebrated in isolation away from family members and friends.


Is it not surprising that many of us are feeling far from happy. 


Some people wait for the circumstances of their lives to change before they believe they can ever be happy. They attach being happy to a time when they have more money or they are the ideal weight, they’ve found the perfect partner or the perfect job. 


The problem is that waiting for someone or something to make you happy is not the remedy to happiness.


Happiness comes from within, not through wealth, having the perfect body or looks. It cannot be found in relationships. 


When you can accept that true happiness comes from within and can be learnt by implementing positive actions and positive habits daily into your life, happiness will naturally evolve.


Over the following weeks I’m going to be sharing with you practical ways in which you can discover true happiness but first it’s important to establish exactly what makes you happy.


In my life coaching sessions I ask my clients the following questions


What would make me happy right now?  

What would make you happy in the Future?

How would you describe happiness?

What is in my life that makes me happy?

What matters most to me?

What gives me energy and excites me?

What creates negativity and drains my energy and makes me unhappy?

What changes do I need in my life in order to maximize my happiness?


Thinking about these questions will allow you to start prioritising what makes you happy and the things in life which distract you from feeling this way.


Life can make it hard to be happy especially when you attach it to a future accomplishment but this story always reminds me to appreciate that happiness comes in the little things too.


Fred died and went to Heaven and was met by St Peter who asked him if he had enjoyed his time on earth. “I guess it was ok but it didn’t work out the way I thought it would be”

St Peter asked why “ You had a lovely family who loved you, a good job, a beautiful home, you had lots of holidays you were financially secure, it seems like the sort of life most people would be happy with”

“But I wasn’t really happy despite having so much success, I don’t know why I wasn’t happy, I tried so hard to be a good person I couldn’t have tried any harder”

“So you always tried so hard to be happy?” asked St Peter.

“Always, replied Fred but it never seemed to work. I tried all my life to be happy and worked hard at everything I did. I didn’t have time to do some of the things I wanted to do”

“What sort of things?”  asked St Peter

“ Oh time to play with my children more, go for walks in the country, take our dog out on walks, develop my skills at painting and model making. Nothing big just silly little things. I put all my energy into the big things like work and being chairman of a local committee and supporting charities. 

St Peter smiled and said “That’s your problem you were so busy trying to accomplish the big things you thought would bring you happiness, that you completely overlooked all the little things that would have brought you so much happiness and fulfillment. But by always being busy you never stopped and appreciated the little things. 


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