I have a great respect for crystals and relate to them in many ways. There are crystals in almost every room of my home as I really believe that they can generate healing vibrations in the body and create balance.

Crystals can improve your general state of health by removing or reducing symptoms of disease. They are also brilliant in eliminating negative thought processes ,that we all succumb to, especially when it comes to issues in our past.

One of my favourite crystals is Citrine which  is known as the happy, feel good, crystal.  I call it my miracle crystal as when we were selling our previous home I placed pieces of Citrine at every doorway and despite the recession the house sold within two months, with two families wanting to buy. 

I also keep a tiny piece of Citrine in my purse, as I was told by the seller that my purse would never be empty and she was right!

 Healing Qualities

As well as keeping your purse full, Citrine is great for your body and can be used in healing eyesight, heart, kidneys, thyroid, thymus, liver and the entire digestive system.  It’s also known as the relationship crystal,  promoting self-esteem, healing anger issues and letting go of emotional toxins. 

How to use Citrine

Don’t take my word for it, try and get yourself a piece of Citrine and start discovering the power behind this beautiful golden yellow crystal.

Place it on your solar plexus when cradling your chakras  that we talked about last week and discover just how powerful Citrine can be.

As you know, I’ve detailed all the therapies I used on my healing journey in my book, I am not a dirty bitch. The kindle copy is available by clicking here