Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, I hope it will become a continued source of support as my Blog develops. I was very much aware, when my book was coming to completion that I wanted to offer more than just a self-help book. With this in mind I would like to create with your help an interactive blog where you can share your success or failure with the activities in the book and perhaps add some of your own with the aim of helping others who are still trapped in the shame game.

If you have any been involved in publishing a book you will instantly relate to the fact that it is easy to write a book compared to the difficulty of having your book published. One publisher was initially positive in relation to the first ten thousand words of the book, but wanted me to change the title I am NOT a Dirty Bitch, for fear it would end up in the porn section of the classification of books. After some soul searching I withdraw the book from the publisher.

To change the title would mean it would loose its the essence. I truly believed I was a dirty bitch as my mother constantly called me. That changed when in September 2012 I told my mother I was NOT a Dirty Bitch, I was a child who had a mother who didn?t love me. My own words resonated deeply within me giving me the courage to leave the shame game and share with others my healing journey.

If you have read my book you will relate to how they train baby elephants. They secure a stake to the elephants leg and anchor the stake into the ground. Once they remove the stake the baby elephant does not try to escape because they are governed by the early memory of having limited freedom.

Learn from the elephants you are NOT trapped to the past. MOVE ON ITS GONE the only thing that is stopping you is YOU.

My wider vision is that we could work together with a common voice making a stand against the attitude of society towards child sexual abuse so that children are protected and never have to experience the pain and neglect that so many victims have had to endure during their childhood.