Over the years I have read about established and new healing therapies that claim to produce healing benefits. In previous blogs I have named some of the different therapies I experienced and then decided to make them an integral part of my life due to the positive impact they provide, angel therapy, grounding or earthing, sound therapy, aromatherapy oils, sedona method and energy medicine to name a few. 


Recently I came across another amazing practice, which is so easy, so accessible and not only benefits you but reaches out to others. Its impact is unquestionable. 


Kindfulness brings together Mindfulness and Gratitude. I came across the concept of kindfulness in an article by Dr David R Hamilton in Kindred Spirit, a magazine for spiritual development. He explains the principle of mindfulness in its easiest form is observing the breath. He then explains that this simple act alters brain structure in the prefrontal cortex just above your eyes often referred to as the third eye. As with working out a muscle the more you do it the more you will see results.


The difference between mindfulness and kindfulness is that instead of observing your breath you notice nice things about people, thinking kindly of them, wishing them health and happiness. As with mindfulness you are working the same regions of the brain ,the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with positive emotion, happiness and joy. He claims the more you practice kindfulness it becomes more powerful and easier to feel and experience positive emotions.


People who regularly perform acts of kindness have been shown to be happier and studies show that kindness may be an antidote to depression, which I find interesting. As a life coach I often discuss with clients the benefits of carrying out small acts of kindness every day to both themselves and others or volunteering to work with a charity or taking on a practical task to help others. Several have started volunteering to work with pet charities which have proven a powerful tool in their recovery.


I believe the daily practice of praying for others also has the same benefits of kindfulness.


Throughout the years I have been a strong believer in the power of prayer and daily I remember individuals in my prayers along with family and friends and those that are going through challenging times with health issues and relationship problems. Prayers not only helps the individuals, giving me the opportunity to do something positive for them,it also gives me a sense of letting go of their problems and handing it over to a Higher Source, who sees the bigger picture. In return I experience what is termed borrowed benefits by feeling uplifted and not consumed with negativity. 


If you are ever doubting the power of prayer, I recommend that you read a book entitled Break Through, it is the story involving a fourteen old boy who fell through an icy Missouri lake and was trapped underneath the ice for 20 minutes. At the hospital he had no heartbeat, the medics were about to pronounce him dead. In desperation his mother voiced an emotive prayer asking God to heal her son and sixteen days later her son walked out of the hospital.


Kindfulness is something that I think we should all implement into our lives, to benefit the receiver of the act of kindness and to experience the profound benefits it brings. A Tibetan Buddhist practice known as metta or loving kindness involves wishing people yourself included happiness ,health, wellness and freedom from suffering and is promoted as kindfulness practice. This behaviour produces an anti-inflammatory response by impacting a portion of the nervous system that helps manage inflammation. 


The easiest way to practice kindfulness is to sit quietly and think of people in your life. For each person in turn repeat the following three times: May you be well, May you be happy, May you be safe, May you be at peace. 


I find it easier if I visualise the person I am sending kindness to. I also extend this people I know who are experiencing challenges in their life whether it be health problems, Family issue work related stress. 


Don’t forget to do the same for yourself, as a way of investing and promoting self-love.


If you want to read more about kindfulness and the impact it can have on both yourself and others check out drdavidhamilton.com.If you would like to discover other ways you can nurture and care for yourself contact me at Letitgo.me.uk


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

Lynne x