Lock down is a challenge for everyone but it’s more intense for those who find they have more time on their hands, which results in being irritable if they cannot find things to do to occupy their time. These people will do anything to avoid being still and doing nothing and feel they need to keep busy to avoid the pain, which could surface if they stop and recall memories from their childhood, which have been bottled up deep inside. 


For whatever reason not being able to express your feelings in a productive way is toxic.


Many people try various therapies to enhance their health and wellbeing but nothing has any long-term benefits. Therapies such as cleansing rituals, diets, meditation or exercise regimes, whilst they initially appear to help the positive feelings , soon diminish because before you can let anything new in, you must first let go of the old in relation to stored negative feelings that are causing pain and preventing other positive actions to flourish.


Butterflies are associated with transformation, rebirth, change and happiness.


Before becoming a beautiful butterfly the caterpillar has to want to change. This is accomplished by making a decision to stop eating and hanging upside from a twig or leaf. It then starts to spin itself into a silky cocoon, which results into a shiny chrysalis. Working within the safety of the chrysalis transformation then takes place. 


The butterfly is a beautiful example of what we can become when we make a decision to:

 1.Let go of negative feelings associated with past life events

2. Work on ourselves and promote emotional health and wellbeing

3. Learn to fly like the butterfly and spread your wings 


Negative feelings are toxic


 If you keep them suppressed and buried deep within, they too will ensure you exist in the toxic environment of your mind. This prevents any other healing methods or modalities from being allowed to flourish due to the toxicity they are being planted in. 


Nothing can have a lasting impact until you learn to let go.


The number one rule in my healing journey was to let go of all the negativity that surrounded my childhood. In my book, which charts my healing journey ,I not only explain my coping strategies I  also illustrate several methods of letting go of past traumatic experiences.

Click on the link below to see details of my book, I am not a dirty bitch, which contains three powerful ways which will allow you to let go of those past traumatic experiences that are preventing positive actions from flourishing.