During my healing journey I had to make a conscious decision to let go of self-limiting beliefs and to let in new positive nurturing beliefs and with practice I can now easily recognise negative thought forms and quickly replace them with positive thoughts.

On many occasions, I have experienced a spontaneous reaction to a situation, which is totally unfounded and for years if I accidently broke something I would automatically start to shake almost to the point of feeling nauseous and I would start to stammer, which is something I exhibit when I am extremely anxious.

I am fully aware of why I react in this manner. It was the stored memory of my mother’s response to lash out physically and verbally if I broke anything. Unlike negative thoughts, I am unable to stop my behaviour and analyse what I am doing at the time. It is an automatic response and demonstrates that stored cellular memories can dictate how we respond to situations.


The Science of Cellular Healing

Whilst researching for my book I came across a concept that firmly clarifies why we often respond in such a dramatic way. According to the Science of Cellular Healing, the lining of your stomach regenerates itself, every two to three days. We literally see with brand new eyes as the cells in your eyes are renewed, and your liver cells are also renewed completely every six to seven weeks. A suntan, isn’t permanent. The reason it fades in two or three weeks is
due to the cells in our skin being replaced with new ones. It is all attributed to cell replication. The cell divides and the new cell takes on the old cell’s memory or information.

The pioneering work of M.D. Deepak Chopra explains that the cell memory is carried on and passed on to each new generation of cells. In the case of cancer, the new cells pass on the degenerative cancer message through cell memory. He claims that all of us have what he calls “Phantom Memories stored in our cells, within hese degenerated cells lies a traumatic memory of some unpleasant incident that you have experienced. When the cell dies it replicates itself and continues to carry the traumatic memory to the new generation of cells. Once this cell memory is released the cell is given the message to return to its normal healthy state. This explains spontaneous healing when the body, despite all odds, is fully healed overnight.

However, If the body experiences prolonged intense emotions such as grief, stress,depression, fear, anxiety or anger the body becomes overpowered with chemical neuropeptides, which block the cell receptor sites, effectively blocking the cells from communicating with each other. The consequence of this prolonged heightened emotional state results in the likelihood of disease manifesting in the part of the body where there are blocked cell receptors and no communication between the cells which causes blocked emotions to get locked into our bodies at a cellular level.

Science has now discovered there is a correlation between our health and suppressed emotions. The more individuals express their emotions, the healthier that individual is. It is estimated that 98 per cent of all disease are linked to cellular memories resulting in both acute and chronic diseases along with a suppressed immune system.

The Healing Code
There are many ways that blocked traumatic memories can be released; through hypnosis, counselling, coaching, emotional freedom tapping and healing therapies such as Reiki. A therapy that produced an amazing shift during my healing journey was The Healing Code. The definition of The Healing Code is a branch of alternative medicine, which focuses on the use of the human energy field for healing. It was discovered by Dr Alex Loyd and BenJohnson in 2001. It is a self-administered technique, which involves the use of your fingertips in both hands pointing towards one or more of the four different energy centres of the body that were previously unknown.

The science behind it is, when you employ the Healing Code on yourself, the internal stress caused by destructive cellular memories completely disappears, along with disease. There is substantial research that claims using the Healing Code is effective in reducing cellular stress. Dr Alex Loyd advocates that everyone is born with a miraculous healing system in his or her body that can heal physical and non-physical issues that a person may have.

The Healing Code in Practice.
I was initially introduced to the Healing Codes through a client, who came to the clinic. She had been using the healing codes to assist with her insecurities and long-term depression. She had sought the assistance of many other therapies in the past, which had little effect. She claimed that her depression was improving and that her eating habits were changing and the need for carbohydrates, mainly chocolate, had diminished. The next time she came to the clinic she brought her copy of the book. I was impressed with the philosophy contained in the book as it reinforced my belief in energy medicine so bought a copy of the book and started doing the Six Minute Ritual, which includes positioning your hands and fingers around your face and jaw, whilst reciting a sacred prayer.

Not only did I experience a tingling sensation in my fingers and face, within a short time I started to feel a shift in my attitude to things and became more aware of my own personal needs as I worked with my Inner Child and now continue to practice the healing codes on a regular basis as a precautionary tool for maintaining my physical and emotional health. The healing techniques requires only six minutes of your time and the more times you are able to perform it during the day the quicker you can expect to see the results. Diagrams of the hand positions can be found online or in the book The Healing Code and the prayer can be adapted to highlight your health problem or issue.

This is the prayer I used in relation to my inner child;

I ask that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs and all physical issues related to my childhood, would be found, opened and healed by filling me with the light and love of God. I also pray that the effectiveness of this healing will be increased by 100 times or more.

You can find out more about The Healing Code and the other therapies I use in my book I Am NOT a Dirty Bitch or visit my website Letitgo.me.uk.