Over the years I have observed many peoples health problems being improved, and in some cases eradicated, whilst working as a colon hydrotherapist. 


Colonic Irrigation hydrates the body by gently introducing filtered water into the colon,which in turn promotes the body to activate its own healing mechanisms creating homeostasis (balance).


People who undergo this treatment experience a  noticeable difference in several conditions such as skin and digestive problems, migraines, headaches, asthma and sinus problems. 


However you don’t necessarily need to have a colonic to experience the healing properties of water as  the benefits of simply drinking water can also include :


  • Preventing constipation in both children and adults
  • Reducing sugar cravings and assist in weight maintenance
  • Improving memory and mood stability
  • Having more stamina with exercise routines
  • Preventing the formation of kidney stones and bladder infections.


Following a Colonic treatment I always promote a One Day Lemon Detox to promote hydration.


One Day Lemon Detox


Prepare one sliced un-waxed lemon, add a pint of water and place in a liquidizer (use the complete lemon including skin and pips)


Strain and discard the pulp, add five pints of water, a total of six pints


Commence the detox around 8am


Drink one glass of the mixture every 15 minutes for one hour


Then  one glass of the mixture every 45 minutes until the mixture has all been consumed


If you start the lemon detox at 8am it will be complete between 3 to 4pm


You can eat a large salad for your evening meal (optional)


Crystal Elixirs 


You can also energise drinking water by placing a quartz crystal in a glass jug full of water. After thoroughly cleansing the crystal, place in a glass jug and Leave the jug in direct light for 24 hours so it can be exposed to both the sun and moon energy. 


This is also effective on days when there is no direct sunshine or the moon is not visible. 

Lessons from Dougall


In my last blog I shared with you the lessons I have learnt from Dougall Dog.


He, along with most pets ,doesn’t need to be encouraged to drink water and I don’t have to explain to him the benefits of regularly drinking it.


Dougall will go and sit at the water machine that produces hydrogenated water when he wants a drink. Interestingly if you offer him water from the kitchen tap he refuses to drink it. He is one smart Dog. 



Dougall Dog’s Challenge 


Drink a litre of water every day for one week, increase to two litres the following week and notice the difference. 


You will be amazed how this will improve your overall health and well being.