In the last blog I shared with you how Dougall, my two year old Cavachon dog, is providing me with the opportunity to connect to my inner child through helping me achieve a more work life balance by spending more time in nature to play, laugh, and have fun. 


To get my attention he will bring me a ball drop it at my feet then go to the back door that leads to the garden. He doesn’t care if I have a hundred things to do, he knows that all work and no play can be stressful and leads to less being achieved. 



There’s a great story in Greek Mythology about Ulysses that demonstrates the loyalty of our canine companions.


Ulysses had been away from home for 20 years and was presumed dead. Whilst he was away a number of would be suitors tried to win the heart of his wife Queen Penelope.


Ulysses returned home and disguised himself as a beggar, fooling his wife and son but there was someone who immediately recognized him, Argus his dying hound dog. Unable to stand, Argus responded to his master by wagging his tail, lifting his head and pricking up his ears. 


This legend reminds me of another loyal dog ,Greyfriars Bobby, a Syke Terrier who became known in the 19th Century Edinburgh by spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner John Grey.


There are many more stories of loyal faithful dogs that offered unconditional love to their owners.


 Imagine how the world would change if people were as loyal and committed as our canine companions. Unfortunately we live in a world where loyalty is not always viewed as a priority in relationships, which leads to mistrust. This is especially significant if as a child your parents or caregivers  did not support you and you  now find it a challenge to learn to trust others. 


Whilst there is nothing wrong from being aware of the lessons you have learned in your life it is important that you treat every new situation with an element of trust. 


People change, relationships fail, children move away and have other priorities but a dog is loyal to his last breath as demonstrated with Argus, Ulysses faithful loyal dog.


 One of ways that I regularly observe Dougall’s loyalty and devotion is when we are in the park. Dougall is usually  engrossed in  chasing other dogs and I can stand there shouting his name to no avail but the moment I hide and he cannot see me, he frantically comes and finds me.


Dougall also trusts me to feed him, play games with him, take him on walks twice a day and give him cuddles and treats. In return he gives me his unconditional love, devotion, protection and his heart. That is his gift to me. My gift to him is to love and cherish him, which provides me with borrowed benefits as it allows me to connect with my inner child who grieved not being loved and cherished.