I have been guided and inspired by the quotes from my daily calendar by the late Dr Wayne Dyer.


His words of wisdom have often provided a challenge along with the opportunity to focus on the positive affirmations throughout the day, which have been so encouraging, especially in relation to the many challenges we have all encountered during this last year.


I have kept the quotes that appeared to be more meaningful to me and  have written them in my journal and posted them around my office, as a source of continued guidance. One such inspirational quote, which I believe would change the entire population is found in his last quote on the 31st December 2020


There is one sentence I’ve learnt to use, 

which has brought me more peace than anything

else I can offer you; When you have the choice to be right 

or to be kind, always pick kind. 

Dr Wayne Dyer. 


What a powerful last message, of all his previous quotes he promotes kindness as a remedy for peace. Other great inspirational teachers have also promoted kindness as a weapon to evoke peace. 


Kind words can be short and easy to speak 

But their echoes are truly endless

Mother Theresa 


This coming year gives us the opportunity to show kindness to others. Below are a few suggestions that you could implement, which will mean so much to others.


  1. Contact someone with an unexpected phone call or visit when possible 
  2. Send a handwritten letter or a card to someone who is going through a challenging time 
  3. Tell your parents or a close relative how much you appreciate them
  4. Make a meal for an elderly neighbour
  5. Offer to baby sit for family or friends  
  6. Volunteer to take a neighbours or relatives dog for a walk
  7. Write messages of love and put them in your partners and children’s lunch boxes
  8. Choose one of your books you think your friend might like and lend it to them
  9. Enlist as a volunteer for a charity
  10. Sponsor a dog or a cat from a rescue centre 
  11. Support a worthy cause by fund raising 
  12. At the beginning of each day ask to be given the opportunity to practice the acts of kindness.


Whilst the above list highlights practical things which demonstrate kindness, we can also extend acts of kindness through our words:


  • By always saying thank you for the things we often take for granted. 
  • Telling someone how much you appreciate them being in your life
  • Complimenting family and friends on their achievements
  • Offering to be a listening ear to someone who is struggling

Cultivate kindness and watch it grow. The more you feed and nourish kindness the better you feel, the better others will feel, and we can all live in a better world which flourishes with kindness.


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 Wishing you all a healthy happy and blessed 2021