A recent post on Facebook said that the only thing growing faster than the Coronavirus is the selfishness and greed of some people. 

What is it that motivates people to stock up on food supplies, which they cannot possibly consume in three months? 

I heard of one couple with three trolley loads of food between them. I would like to think they were shopping for the entire street but I doubt it.

What saddens me more is the “I’m alright Jack attitude” with no consideration of others peoples needs. 

There are people on the front line of the NHS, working twelve hours shifts to find that supermarket shelves are empty of basic provisions to feed their own families. I’m massively in favour of promoting a system where all medical staff are given priority at supermarkets, by forwarding their shopping list and having their food shopping ready for them to pick after work.

To all my nursing friends thank you for all the work you do often with little appreciation of the daily sacrifices you make.