During school half term I was able to spend time with my nine year old granddaughter who several weeks earlier had her ears pierced. Initially everything was fine but as the time came for the earring studs to be removed it became apparent that there was a problem as my Granddaughter refused to let anyone remove them. She had watched a YouTube video where someone much older than her said that having her earrings removed was more painful than having a tattoo.

In an attempt to gain her trust and allow me to take them out I promised that if it hurt, I would immediately stop. I was shocked when she dismissed my promise and refused to let me, or anyone touch her ears. I realised that my promise had no significance, no meaning. 

I have always viewed a promise as something more than words.It is a commitment to do something or not to do something and I never make a promise I cannot keep.

Life is always changing and evolving and the restrictions placed on us during 2020 can make some promises hard to keep. It’s hard on many occasions to stick to your word and see your promise out and the high number of divorces and relationship breakdowns evidence this. 

My healing journey included making promises to my inner child and I also used the daily practice of reciting affirmations. If you have experienced broken promises or like my granddaughter, you find it hard to believe in promises start by making a list of promises to yourself. 

In a quest to demonstrate love to yourself you may want to consider making a list of promises :

To make your needs a priority

Treat yourself occasionally because you deserve it 

Learn to say no and mean it 

Laugh often and play more 


In relation to my inner child I promised :

I will acknowledge you everyday

I will ask for what I need 

I will stop being a people pleaser  

I will demonstrate acts of love towards myself 

I will be less fearful about the future 

Let’s uphold our promises by never make a promise that we cannot keep

If you want to learn more about promises and working with the inner child please visit my website Letitgo.me.uk