The Book

“You are nothing but a dirty bitch was the response from my mother when I told her about the sexual abuse I was being subjected to on Friday nights when an uncle used to babysit. Over the years she called me a dirty bitch many times and I believed her, forcing me to live with the shame and guilt associated with child sexual abuse.

It was the words of spoken by Dame Esther Rantzen founder of Childline when she stated “It is never the child’s fault” that proved to be the catalyst for me to resurface from my hellish hole and COME OUT of hiding by sharing with others my healing journey. It is estimated that 1 in 3 victims of child sexual abuse never tell anyone at the time, this equates to several thousands of people living with a dark secret, which has been proven to be the cause of many health issues.

It is only due to its secretive nature that child sexual abuse is allowed to flourish with the consequence of keeping its victims in often a traumatised state, which has detrimental effect on physical, mental and emotional health.
I Am NOT A Dirty Bitch is both a an autobiography and self-help book, which aims to empower other victims of historical sexual abuse to embark upon their own healing journey.

It consists of four parts:-
The Facts, the statistics, the consequences
My personal journey of Discovery
Discovering and working with the Inner Child
A collection of healing therapies, that were instrumental in my healing journey.