How does the whole concept of the inner child existing within you resonate? 


Does this child really exist? Or is it simply a psychological term attempting to explain why many adults exhibit childhood behaviour or suffer from mental illness, due to being neglected or traumatised as a child.


In my book, I Am NOT a Dirty Bitch, I devote a section to working with the inner child as it was an integral part of my healing journey. The book includes several activities, which help you let go of the past trauma and nurture yourself.


One of the ways I continue to work with my inner child daily is through the connection I have with my intelligent funny dog Dougall.

Through Dougall I am able to nurture myself. He has taught me so many lessons, which over the following weekly blogs I will share with you.

Dougall’s Paws for thought


The unconditional love of a dog is nectar to the soul.


My name is Dougall McDougall I am a two year old Cavachon.

My mother is a King Charles Cavalier and my father is Bichon Frise and this makes me special due to my coat not malting. I am classed as a Hypo-allergenic breed and I don’t cause a problem with people who suffer with Asthma and eczema. Whilst I acknowledge that dogs have to be trained, as every living creature needs to learn how to behave and respect certain boundaries. I think you humans need to observe us dogs and learn from us. This is what my human mum learned from me:

Lesson One: Unconditional Love.

One of the traits I carried into my adulthood was that I was always trying to please people, which involved acting in a specific way to make them like me and accept me. The problem was that I didn’t know who the real me was.

Dougall has shown me that I don’t have to act a certain way to receive his affection. When I have been away from Dougall he gets so excited when he sees me, he squeals in delight and smothers me with kisses, and this is the best feeling in the world. Priceless.

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