A very dear friend of mine died suddenly a few days ago, from a massive stroke, leaving everyone who knew him devastated. 

He was such a kind, caring man whose legacy will live on through the lives of his children and the foster children he and his wife had cared for over the years and will be greatly missed by all those who knew him, including his four legged companions Walter and Dora , the two Jack Russell terriers that he doted on. 

It is said that dogs have a sixth sense regarding the emotional needs of their owners and I personally feel that dogs are far more intuitive than we give them credit for and Dora has now taken on the role of a carer and companion to his wife who she now follows constantly. 

When the tears flow she will jump onto her knee and shower her with kisses and remains by her side until the tears stop.

All dogs demonstrate mindfulness in numerous ways.  By showing their pleasure and excitement in the routine things such as meal times, how they devour their food appreciating the last morsel, on walks not worrying about the rain or mud. They don’t spend time worrying about the future or where the next meal is coming from. 

How different is their thought processes compared to humans who so often worry.  We find it so easy to work our selves up into a frenzy by playing scenarios in our minds, imagining the very worst thing that can happen and asking WHAT IF….

We become so captivated by dwelling on the negative outcome to the point that we begin to take so many things for granted and focus on the bad instead of appreciating what we have. 

During my healing journey it took my inner child a lot of courage to dare to believe that good things do happen. As a child I was constantly in the firing line of my mother’s anger, which  left me constantly feeling insecure, due to encountering one crisis after another.  Thankfully I now practice mindfulness through various methods, which allows me to  live in the present and go with the flow.

How many times have you spent sleepless nights worrying over something that might happen , only to realise weeks later that what you feared never occurred and the worry and stress it created denied you of being in the present.

Take a lesson from our intuitive four legged companions and drop the word WHAT IF from your vocabulary. 

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