I’m finding it hard to know what to believe at the moment from the amount of information thrown at me by news report and social media

Has the pandemic been predicted?

Has the Government failed us by not acting the same as other countries?

Is Covid 19 linked to the building of 5G masts?

Did China intentionally release the virus?


The definition of truth doesn’t assist me with making an unbiased decision of who to trust. 


TRUTH…… That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.


How do you prove a fact? 


If a theory is backed by research does it make the findings true? Is it then a fact? 


 I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day because I believe that it’s good for my health but I have been shown research that says it’s not good for you, just as some research says drinking wine has health effects and others say not.


The abuse I suffered in my childhood makes it hard for me to know who to trust.


 Too many times especially during my childhood I had my trust betrayed by those who I feel should have protected me.  


My mother’s  reaction when I told her of the abuse was to call me a Dirty Bitch, a label I owned for years until I surfaced from my hellish hole of shame and started my healing journey. 


One of the initial things I had to do was to find my true self. 


I was not a dirty bitch that was a lie, which I believed was true.  The first person I had to learn to trust was my higher self. 

Do you have issues with trusting people through previous life experiences? 

Are you ready to start trusting and believing in yourself? 

My book I Am NOT a Dirty Bitch may provide some of the answers you have been searching for and details the journey I took to trust and believe in myself.