This week I’ve been nominated by a friend to post a favourite book on Facebook saying why I chose the book before nominating 7 other friends to join in.



The Choice is story of a holocaust survivor who lost everything that was precious to her. She was a sixteen-year-old ballerina when she was sent to Auschwitz and separated from her parents on arrival.


 During her time in the camp she experiences  unimaginable traumatic experiences and when the camp is finally liberated she is pulled from a pile of bodies barely alive.


The choice is a book that has challenged me in many ways and has  taught me important lessons especially regarding how you respond to the past. 


Despite all that she experienced she was able to pen these words:


Everything can be taken away from man, but one thing the last of all human freedoms – to choose ones attitude in any circumstances, to choose ones own way”.


 Edith chose to use her experience in a positive way by reaching out to others who had suffered great loss. She eventually became a licensed clinical psychologist which taught her that suffering is universal but being a victim is optional. “No one can make you a victim but you”. 


During my own healing journey I have come to realise that we all have a choice when it comes to deciding how we let go of past trauma, we can either:


Live to avenge the past or live to enrich the present.


I highly recommend that you read her book if you are anchored to the past with all its pain and suffering and discover that you can choose to become free and thrive.


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