The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started- Mark Twain,


I thrive on new projects and I can truly say that I never get bored as there is so much I want to do but because I want everything to be perfect I sometimes take on more than I should.


Over the years I have come to realise that I would accomplish more if I concentrated on one goal at a time as I often have the following:


Too  many unfinished projects on the go at the same time which leads to frustration because I cannot decide which project should be given priority

Reading too much information at once but a week later not being able to discuss in detail its contents as my mind is distracted by the next book on the list.


Because I’m a perfectionist,  I also:


Have a constant To Do list and get a sense of achievement when I have carried out the task but then  I immediately replace it with something else to do.


Become disappointed with the end results of a project. This was evident when I started to paint the treatment room in preparation to reopening the clinic. One the job was finished I could only see the flaws in my work which I expected to be the same standard as a professional decorator.


Dr Brene Brown states that perfectionism is a belief that if you live a perfect live you can minimise the pain of blame, judgement and shame and if you never received praise or recognition as a child you subconsciously continue to strive for perfection in the hope that it will be good enough to be acknowledged. 


If you recognise yourself in the traits above then I would advise you to think like a dog and take a leaf out of Dougalls book.



He doesn’t have any desire to impress anyone including me, he is happy just being Dougall Dog. 


He also lives up to the saying He is like a Dog with a Bone. 


He loves his special bones and once he gets his teeth into it no one or nothing can take it from him. Another lesson for me regarding my many unfinished projects as I should keep focused on one bone at a time and stick with it.