Many clients visit the clinic with multiple health problems and over the years I have had to learnt to look beyond their physical symptoms, almost like a detective looking for clues and links. 


This enables me  to track back and often discover that the root of their health problems is due to issues relating to their childhood. 


When I ask clients when their health problems first began, my next question is always what kind of childhood did you have? 


This one question was a revelation, as so many spoke about physical and mental abuse and encountering violence in their family with anger being a regular feature within the family unit.


It is estimated that 90% of the distress we feel in the present has its roots in our past. and as part of my healing journey I worked closely with my inner child. 


The inner child is the child within us that remembers the trauma of our childhood, which can either take over and replay the negative feelings that you experienced in your formative years, or can keep them so well hidden by abandoning parts of ourselves to avoid the pain. 


In both situations the results are the same in that you are unable to let go of the past trauma, which manifests in the physical and emotional health problems. 


Suppressing your emotions, whether it’s anger, sadness, grief or frustration can lead to physical stress on the body. It can also lead to problems with memory, aggression, panic attacks and depression. 


Could your health issues be related to your childhood and not being able to express your emotions?


A simple yet powerful way of identifying with suppressed emotions is to have someone place stones of various sizes one by one into the palm of your hands. You will immediately start to feel the weight of the stones as more are added, until in the end they are too heavy to hold up. 


This demonstrates that bottling up emotions may seem insignificant but eventually the weight of the suppressed emotions will be too heavy for the body to carry, resulting in physical and emotional stress. 


In previous blogs I have explained how simply observing Dougall my dog has been a valued learning tool, which has helped me to reconnect with my inner child. 


As a child I felt I was never allowed to express my emotions vocally. I learnt from a young age that crying or demonstrating any form of displeasure, carried repercussions. So I learnt to keep my feelings deeply hidden, which I now believe contributed to my health problems. 


Dougall, along with all other dogs, expresses exactly how he is feeling. They are not in the habit of suppressing their feelings. When he is happy he demonstrates it by wagging his tail. When I have been out he is so excited to see me he squeals in delight and brings me one of his favourite toys. If he is bored he claims attention by doing something mischievous such as bringing his blanket and starts chewing a hole in it. He doesn’t bottle anything up, he is transparent.



Are you bottling up any emotions? 


Could you be suffering with health issues related to your past? 


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