Teachers come in many forms and disguises

Over recent months I have become encouraged and inspired by a great spiritual teacher, Dr Wayne W. Dyer. Through reading his books, along with listening to his podcasts, he has stirred something deep within me, motivating me to do a reality check and revaluate my priorities, whilst letting go and letting in new concepts.


Over the years I have many teachers who have guided and nurtured me, but the greatest lessons have been through my parents and family, who probably never entertained the thought that they were the teachers, instrumental in me learning so many lessons.


Another important lesson I learnt was through my Reiki Master’s husband who was a medium. After a lot of trepidation I accepted a reading from him. This was quite a challenge to me as I had always been very cautious of anything which I believed to be of the dark side and this was due to my mother’s association with fortune telling and the Ouija board.


I remember that he used tarot cards, and said “Tell me what would you do if you were in a desert with two small children and you had only one bottle of water”? I immediately answered share it out between the two children.  It was the wrong answer, wrong plan of action. He pointed out that we would all perish I would have to drink half the water, for us all to survive.


I learnt from that  reading to be the best I can be for others, including my family and clients. I had invest time love and energy into my own needs, which includes taking time out to recharge and focus. It also made me question the way I sometimes react to a situation.

This provided me with the opportunity to evaluate and learn from the following

As a child my needs were not met especially the need to be loved and nurtured.

To even express my dislike at anything would have either been ignored or result in retaliation from my mother by physically lashing out. I understand why it doesn’t come easily to love and care for myself.

I was a people pleaser.

I would intentionally act and respond to others in a way that I perceived they would like me and possibly love me. From this misinformed concept I have learnt that we cannot be responsible for the way other people treat or value us. It is their choice. If each night, we can go to bed and know that we have been kind to everyone we have been contact with, there is no need to be a people pleaser.

Neglecting my own needs,

This was a consequence of not loving myself, seeing myself as unworthy of being loved simply for being me. If my mother and father couldn’t love me and care for me, how could I love myself? As children we need role models to look up to and learn from. I have learnt to love and care for myself and if I cannot do that why should anyone else? This came through recognising and acknowledging my inner child.


I want you to think about the people and events that have influenced you, and have been your greatest teachers?

Think about a person or event that has been a learning tool.

Write down or mentally evaluate the lessons you learnt, ask yourself


  1. The most important thing you learnt from the event


  1. Did it evoke any emotional trauma at the time and how did it affect you?


  1. Identify any changes you consciously made negative or positive?


Remember we can never stop learning. When the student is ready the teacher appears


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